Macworld Gives Today 3.5/5 Stars

One of the best ways to help solidify a new application is to get a review published in one of the major Mac magazines. In the US, Macworld is on top of the heap. Because of this, you couldn't imagine the joy I experienced when I refreshed my RSS reader and saw that Macworld had published a review of Today 1.1 for their MacGems section.

Dan Frakes writing for Macworld:

On the Mac on which I use iCal, I find Today to be very useful for quickly viewing my commitments for the day... Since I don’t like to keep iCal open when I’m not actively using it, I’ve long wished Apple would offer an easy way to create new events and tasks without having to open iCal each time.

The article is only online presently, but I'm sure it will appear in a future edition of the magazine. If you haven't tried Today, hopefully Dan's review will entice you to give it a shot.

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