Our Toolbox: Fluid

Periodically, I am going to use Downshift to highlight some of the third-party hardware and software used at Second Gear HQ. The Mac is chock full of excellent independent and small Mac developers. It's one of the most redeeming qualities of being a Mac user in my opinion.

During the development of Today, I became a big fan of site-specific browsers (SSBs) and this is completely thanks to Todd Ditchendorf's Fluid. Fluid allows you to create an dedicated Web browser for any Web site you happen to visit. We host our Subversion repositories at Beanstalk and use Porchlight to keep track of our bugs and milestones so having an SSB for each of these in my Dock is great. Being able to command-tab or invoke my bug repository via Quicksilver is awesome.

Fluid is a free download and requires Mac OS X Leopard. If you use Web applications like Gmail or Backpack extensively, it's definitely worth checking out.