Today 1.1: The Calendar Filtering Edition

I have a feeling a lot of new software is going to be coming out today. Why is that? The Apple Design Awards deadline is today!

Second Gear is no different. We have been working hard on an update to address some of the biggest customer requests we've received since we released version 1.0 last month. With that in mind, may I present Today 1.1!

Rumor has it people wanted to be able to filter out what calendars show up in Today. Who knew? As of Today 1.1, you can now show as many, or as few calendars as you so desire in Today thanks to our new calendar filtering support. Inside Today's preferences window you can select what calendars you want to appear in Today's event and task sections.

Today 1.1 also introduces some other small changes that people have been clamoring for. All-day events now show up as All Day rather than 12:00AM - 12:00PM. You can also set the location of where your events are going to take place. If you want to see everything that has changed, be sure to checkout the changelog.

Download Today 1.1 and give it a shot. We hope you enjoy the update.