Today 1.2 Released!

I'm not one to let a month go by without a release, so I'm happy to present you all with Today 1.2. Today 1.2 adds a few features I think everyone will find beneficial.

  • Today will now automatically shift the date forward at midnight. This only happens if you haven't adjusted the date away from the present day.
  • You can now edit events and tasks by double-clicking on the item. It will automatically launch in iCal.
  • The date browser is enhanced so you can navigate ahead more than just a day at a time. Click on the currently selected date to expose the new date picker.

Beyond the new features, there are several other tweaks and bug fixes that we outline in the release notes.

I can't tell you how excited I am about the stuff we've added in Today 1.2. I gave the folks at TUAW a video demo and interview about the new features in Today 1.2. I can't stand to watch the video because I have a phobia of hearing my own voice, but hopefully you will find it beneficial.

I hope you enjoy the release.