Today Loves MobileMe

I'm sure many of you were also waiting in line today to grab your iPhone 3G. I picked one up this morning and am very pleased with the speed improvements of 3G network and (for the most part) the applications that are available on the AppStore.

The thing I am most excited about, however, is MobileMe. Apple's .Mac replacement makes it incredibly easy to automatically push email, contact and calendaring information to and from the iPhone without having to rely on syncing. This is a great feature for Today users!

Let me give you an example.

This afternoon at lunch I making plans for a meeting for drinks later in the day with a friend. I entered the information into my iPhone, which was now set up to automatically sync calendaring data with MobileMe. When I got back to my desk an hour later, I popped open Today and the new event was automatically in the list: no sync required on my part.

Thanks to the hardworking MobileMe team at Apple for such a great tool. It's well worth my $99 a year.