Today users should update to 10.5.5

If you are a user of Today, I would highly recommend updating to Mac OS X 10.5.5 as it has many fixes to the CalendarStore framework. CalendarStore powers the database behind Today. The biggest bug that is known to be fixed involves detached, recurring events not being displayed properly. This now looks to be resolved.

You can update to 10.5.5 by going to the Apple menu and selecting "Software Update."

Our Toolbox: TextExpander

One of the indispensable tools we use at Second Gear HQ is a utility application called TextExpander from our friends at SmileOnMyMac. TextExpander works by listening to your typing and expanding abbreviations you type in into longer-form snippets of text.

This really helps out for dealing with common support issues. For instance, I have a snippet with a link to a direct download of the latest version of Today. I type 'dltd' into an email and TextExpander will automatically expand it into a full-fledged URL.

The AppleScript support is also an awesome timesaver. When pasting long URLs around the Web, I like to shrink them using There is a script that will automatically take the link on your clipboard and convert it to a URL.

TextExpander is $29.95 and well worth the price if you are a keyboard cowboy like myself.

Get a free license for Today!

Update: This promotion has expired.

We want to help get the word out about Today. There's a world of people out there that don't presently know about Today and we want to help introduce them to the application. These people are your friends, family and blog readers.

For the month of September, we're offering a free personal license for Today to anyone that writes a review of Today on their weblog or in their user group newsletter. When you review Today, try to highlight what the best features of the application are and also offer us some suggestions on what could be improved going forward to make Today even better.

When you've published your review, send us a link or a copy of the newsletter to [email protected] with the subject Today Review and we'll send you your free license. At the end of the month, we'll showcase all of the reviews here on Downshift.