Today 1.6: Natural Day Entry and Spaces Fixes

We've published a new release of Today that adds one of the most requested features by our users. Today 1.6 adds support for natural date entry when creating new events and tasks within today. Rather than having to manually adjust the date, month, year and time using the Mac OS X date picker like in iCal, users can now enter dates as they would say it. Set a task to be due January 28, 2009, 1/28/09 or even approximate values such as tomorrow or Friday. Today will automatically decipher what you enter and convert it to a proper date.

What's New In Today 1.6

  • Added natural language parsing for new events and tasks.
  • Today should be a better Spaces citizen when running in menu-bar mode. Due to a bug in Apple's Spaces implementation, be sure to restart Today if you adjust it's Spaces settings.
  • Updated compiler to be LLVM-GCC 4.2
  • Other smaller bug fixes and performance tweaks.

We hope you enjoy the new release and look forward to getting feedback from you on it.