Use BusyCal with Today

The folks at BusyMac just released a public beta of BusyCal, their new iCal replacement that adds support for live weather forecasts, graphics, recurring todos and more. What's great about BusyCal is that it is fully compatible with iCal still, and any event or task you create in the application will automatically sync back to iCal, and subsequently to Today. If you've been looking for a more powerful calendaring solution than what iCal offers today, be sure to check out BusyCal.

Track Second Gear progress via @secondgear on Twitter

Brent Simmons, Internet superstar and developer of NetNewsWire, recently started tweeting his workday. Brent describes it as coding as a performance.

It's a fairly good idea, so I've decided to use the Second Gear Twitter account to document what exactly is being worked on here in the labs. If you follow right now, you'll see I'm hard at work on a new release of FitnessTrack. Rather than updating on every single thing I'm doing in a given day, I'm planning to just do one to two updates per day just so you can follow along.

You can follow along by following @secondgear. Hopefully this proves to be an interesting experiment and gives you a closer glimpse of how things work around Second Gear HQ.

Emergency Information 1.1 Now Available on AppStore

Emergency Information 1.1 is now available via the AppStore. This new version resolves a few issues that cropped up with the iPhone OS 3.0 release as well as adds support of creating emergency contacts on the iPod touch. While iPod touch users can't call their contacts, they can view the contact information on their device should the need arise.

Emergency Information is just 99 cents. Download it today!