Looking Back On 2009

2009 was an interesting year at Second Gear HQ. We had several product releases and a few product acquisitions. Let’s look at some of the highlights.

  • Today was improved: Today saw several incremental updates that added support for printing, iCal-esque date sorting and more smaller tweaks.
  • Check Off 4 was released: We also shipped Check Off’s first major update in several years, which refreshed the user interface, added 64-bit support and purging of checked items.
  • Snow Leopard: We made updates to both Check Off 4 and Today to be compatible with Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard release. We’re big fans of Snow Leopard and can’t wait to harness all the power it has to offer
  • We jumped on…and off…the iPhone bandwagon: And probably the most interesting part of the year was when we released both FitnessTrack and Emergency Information in the spring and then subsequently sold them to BitBQ to once again focus exclusively on the Mac platform. I waffle on whether the iPhone experience was worth it or not. As a learning experience, it taught us to not jump on the sexy and shiny, but it also caused delays in innovating on our existing products. I won’t say we’ll never get back on the iPhone, but it won’t be until Apple makes the AppStore somewhere we feel welcomed and comfortable being.

As for 2010, I think you will be incredibly pleased with what we have coming very soon. We hope you have a great 2010 and thanks for supporting Second Gear.