Glassboard Update for 01/31/14: We've Been Busy

It’s been a little over one month since we announced that Second Gear was acquiring Glassboard. Since then we have been listening to your feedback and working hard on improving the service. As we close out January, I thought it’d be nice to share a list of most of the user-visible changes to Glassboard we’ve made since the announcement.

  • We unveiled new logo and subsequent app icons for iOS and Android.
  • We released Glassboard 3.0 for iOS.
  • We released Glassboard 3.0.1 for iOS.
  • Lowered the pricing of Glassboard premium from $50 to $24.99, and added it as an in-app purchase on iOS.
  • Improved overall performance in the Glassboard API and Web app by upgrading to the latest versions of the Windows Azure SDK and MVC 5.
  • Deployed a new email notification layout that is visually cleaner and scales to mobile nicer.
  • Began tracking our terms of service and privacy policy changes on GitHub.
  • Cleaned up the visuals of the marketing site.
  • Added badge notifications to the iOS app.
  • Disabled email by default when you join a new board (by far the biggest request!)
  • Began beta testing Glassboard 2.6 for Android.

Not bad for 45 days I’d say. We’re just getting started. If you haven’t checked out Glassboard lately, now is a great time. Glassboard is the best way to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with your friends, family, or work colleagues.

And as always, is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.