Check Off

Create to-do lists easily on your Mac

Check Off is a quick to-do list that sits in your Mac's menu bar. Simply click the check mark and your personal to-do list will drop down. Read on or just download now!

Build quick to-do lists on your Mac

Check Off is just a mouse click away no matter where you are on your Mac. Whether you are making a grocery list, tracking your school assignments by class or just jotting down what you need to do for the day, Check Off can adapt to your workflow.

Check Off lets you create tasks and task folders on the fly. Each item in your Check Off list can have its own rich text note for more information and a label for a quick, visual identifier. With Check Off 4, you can even purge your checked items with the click of a button.

Label everything just like the Finder

Just like the Mac's Finder application, you can label any task or task folder in Check Off using a colors label. Labels are a great way to visually categorize your tasks based on their context or any other organizational pattern you see fit.

You can also assign your own name to the labels via Check Off's preferences: just like the Finder.

Ready For Snow Leopard. Ready For 64 bit

Ready For Snow Leopard.  Ready For 64 bitCheck Off 4 has been modernized and optimized to run best on Mac OS X Leopard and the forthcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Check Off runs natively in 64 bit on Snow Leopard so not only can is it able to take full advantage of all the memory in your Mac, but the move to 64-bit applications also boosts overall performance.


Sync with your iPod nano or iPod classic

Sync with your iPod nano or iPod classicHave an iPod classic or iPod nano? Take your Check Off tasks list with you using your iPod's built-in Notes function. Each time you update your Check Off list, it will be automatically pushed to your connected iPod nano or classic so that you have the latest information with you wherever you go.