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Latest Builds

Interested in helping test the latest builds of Today, Check Off and future Second Gear products? You can download the latest development build from this page. Before you do, however, a few notes.

  1. These builds are not supported.
  2. These builds have not been thoroughly tested like an official release.
  3. If you run into issues with these beta builds, please do contact us via our support email address. When you contact support be sure to indicate you are using a beta build. While I don't guarantee these builds to work, I do want to know about the issues you run into so I can iron them out for the official releases.
  4. If you get a crash, please include a crash report in your feedback, and let me know what you were doing when it happened. This helps me narrow down where it is happening so I can more easily fix the problem.

Build posted: August 07 2010 01:46:25.

Release notes are published to the this link.

Check Off

Build posted: February 10 2010 19:42:30.

Release notes are published to the this link.

Ride The Beta Bandwagon

Want to track progress on Today or Check Off full-time? You can set the application to automatically download beta builds as they become available.

For Today:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type defaults write SUFeedURL

For Check Off:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type defaults write com.secondgear.checkoff SUFeedURL

If you ever want to stop tracking development builds, you'll need to paste this into Terminal:

defaults delete SUFeedURL

defaults delete com.secondgear.checkoff SUFeedURL