MarkdownMail 3

Easily Send & Compose HTML Emails

About MarkdownMail

MarkdownMail is the easiest way to compose HTML emails and blog posts on your iPhone or iPod touch. Based around John Gruber's popular Markdown markup syntax, you can now send emails with bold text, italics, bulleted lists and more. MarkdownMail will convert your Markdown formatted messages into an HTML message that you can send to your friends, family or colleagues.


  • Write HTML emails using the Markdown markup syntax
  • Save drafts of your messages
  • Save templates of your most frequently sent messages
  • Manage and insert different email signatures into the bottom of your message
  • Preview your message before sending
  • Send Markdown formatted posts via email to your Tumblr or Posterous blog (Learn more)
  • Copy generated HTML to pasteboard
  • View Markdown syntax reference in-app
  • TextExpander touch support
  • Free customer support via email

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