Mac & iPhone Development

Besides just building our own software, Second Gear is also available for hire.

Mac OS X Development

Our primary development platform is Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Starting with our popular to-do list application Check Off and onto Today, we have strived to build a stable of quality Mac applications that are fun, easy and a privilege to use.

Our Mac applications are 100% native to the platform using Apple's Cocoa framework and leveraging technologies like CoreData, CalendarStore and Core Animation. Wanting to jump on board with Snow Leopard? We're ready to get your project off the ground.

iPhone Development

The iPhone is the fastest growing mobile phone platform on the market today. It's also our favorite device ever. We built the most popular Web-based Twitter client for the iPhone in 2007, PocketTweets, and are following it up with a few native applications of our own: FitnessTrack & Emergency Information. Whether you need a data driven application, a connector to your web service or the next big novelty app, we can get you from idea to AppStore.

We're ready to migrate your existing products to iPhone OS 3.0 or help you get your new iPhone projects off the ground.

iPad Development

The Apple tablet is finally here and it supports the AppStore! Second Gear can help build your iPad exclusive application or update your iPhone app for the new device. While every iPhone app can run on the iPad's natively, to achieve a full, Apple-like experience, your app needs to be updated to take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Second Gear can advise you on the necessary changes and help you get your app ready for iPad.