Shrink & Share Links Quickly

About Shareables

Shareables is the quickest way to shrink and share long URLs on your iOS device. Before Shareables, when you found a link in Safari you would have to tap on the address bar, select the URL, copy it to your clipboard, open another app and paste it in there.

With Shareables that is a thing of the past.

Now, just find the URL you want to share. Tap the "Send to Shareables" bookmarklet and pass the nice, short URL to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends or even someone over an SMS message.


  • Shrink URLs into clean, easy to share links
  • Share via Facebook
  • Share via Twitter
  • Share via Pinboard
  • Share via Delicious
  • Share via Tumblr
  • Share via SMS (iPhone users only)
  • Share via E-mail
  • View archive of all your previously shared URLs
  • Bookmarklet for MobileSafari so you can easily get URLs from your browser into Shareables
  • Clipboard support: If there is a URL on your clipboard when you load Shareables, it will ask if you want to shrink and share it.
  • Free customer support via email

Apps That Share With Shareables

Third party apps can add support for sending URLs to Shareables too. These great apps are just a few.

Instapaper Friends

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