Today Classic

An at-a-glance view of your daily events and tasks

With Today Classic you can keep track of what's on your plate for any given day without keeping Now Up-to-Date & Contact open all the time. Today syncs with Now Up-to-Date & Contact and your life's agenda so daily events & tasks are always available via one, convenient little interface. Read on or just download now!

New In Classic: First Class Mac OS Citizen

Today Classic was designed to run on your Power Mac, PowerBook or even the brand new candy colored iMac! Written using Apple's cutting edge Carbon framework, Today Classic screams on your Mac. It's small footprint also makes sure not to take up too much of your precious 800x600 screen.


100% NUDC Integration

You keep all of your important appointments, tasks and contacts in Now Software's excellent personal information manager and Today Classic uses cutting edge algorithms and wizardry to keep everything in sync with your NUDC installation: all without having to keep Now running taking up precious system resources.

See only what's important

Keeping your calendar on your Mac is great for keeping track of every aspect of your life. Whether you use DiskCatalog to keep track of who you loaned DVDs to or imported to your favorite baseball team's schedule, your Now calendar can get a bit cluttered. Today allows you to filter what calendars' events show up in Today.

Only show your school schedule, meetings or birthdays. It's all up to you.

See the future

Seeing what's on your current schedule has always been easy in Today, but what about when you want to see what's on tomorrow's agenda? With Today Classic, you can see what meetings and appointments you have ahead of you.

Create new events & tasks

Today Classic isn't just about showing you what you need to do on any given day. You can also add new meetings or tasks to your schedule. Want to meet with friends to watch the Rangers in the Stanley Cup? Create it in Today Classic. Need to remember to pick up the milk? Create a task right ther.

A frequent alarm user? Today Classic's alarms panel lets you save your most frequently used alarm preferences to save you a few clicks down the road.

Coming Soon: Newton Edition!

By far our most popular feature request is syncing to your Newtone MessagePads and we're happy to announce that Today Classic will support Apple's MessagePad platform in an upcoming release. Stay tuned for more information!


What others are saying about Today Classic

We are big fans of Today 2.0, but still haven't upgraded from our Power Macintosh 8600. Someday! Now that we can use Today Classic on our old hardware, it's like it has a whole new life. Elmer F.

Thank you so much for remembering those of us who don't use the latest and greatest out of Cuptertino. Today Classic is a breath of fresh air!Mark M.

Are you @[email protected]# serious?Steve J.